Apple 'fires engineer' after daughter's iPhone X hands-on video goes viral

Apple 'fires engineer' after daughter's iPhone X hands-on video goes viral

Apple originally said that it had planned on having 40 million ready to ship by the end of 2017, but issues with the phone's new hardware, such as the Face ID, appear to have complicated matters.

In the video posted earlier this week, YouTuber Brooke Amelia Peterson documented her trip to Apple's campus, where her father is an employee and was seen carrying an iPhone X.

An engineer who helped work on the iPhone X was reportedly fired by Apple after his daughter posted a YouTube video showing off the smartphone before launch. She added that her father takes full blame for his error and they have no hard feelings against the company. Therefore, if you are prepared to own an iPhone X, its best that you consider buying the best possible protection to avoid paying that high bill. Peterson said made an "innocent mistake".

Apparently, Apple might have allowed those YouTubers to record videos during press events.

The iPhone X is due to go on sale in the United Kingdom on Friday, and is the first iPhone to remove the Home button, and feature facial recognition software, known as Face ID.

Another analyst, Jeffrey Kvaal from brokerage Nomura Instinet, said Apple and US wireless carriers' pushing out of delivery times for iPhone X orders to 5-6 weeks was longer than for previous phones and pointed to strong demand.

Amid soaring demand for the "super premium" iPhone X in India, Apple premium resellers in the Dehli-NCR region kept their fingers crossed as the initial supply of handsets were yet to reach them. A girl published a vlog on YouTube that contained a footage of her using an iPhone X that belonged to her father who happens to be an Apple employee.

Apple's tenth anniversary iPhone X has hit a few snags this year in production.

Peterson said she did not think her dad deserved to be fired for the short clip.


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