Forcibly Married Pakistani Killed 13 People with Poisoned Milk

Forcibly Married Pakistani Killed 13 People with Poisoned Milk

The woman gave her husband poisoned milk which ended up killing him and 12 others. The newly-wed soon left her husband's home but her family forcibly sent her back to her in-laws' house. According to UPI, the alleged lover is a cousin whom Bibi had hoped to marry.

Assia Bibi was married against her will in September in the village of Valvati in central Punjab province.

Muzaffargarh police told BBC Urdu 15 people had died, while a further eight were in hospital in the nearby city of Multan.

Police have arrested Bibi, her lover and her aunt, who are suspected to have a role in the incident. Unfortunately, Amjad's mother used the poisoned milk to make lassi for the family.

As of now, district police chief Sohail Habib Tajak said that out of the 27, 17 died from the poison and 10 remain in a critical condition. However, the path she chose to escape a marriage she didn't want was not at all correct and she could have used the law to help herself instead of committing murders.

A senior police officer explained more: "Aasia was forced to marry Amjad against her will". A man, believed to be the woman's boyfriend, Shahid, and his aunt, Zarina Mai, were also arrested, Geo TV said.

Bibi reportedly first claimed that a lizard had fallen into the milk, poisoning it. He said Lashari confessed to supplying the poisonous substance.