Marvel comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis signs exclusive deal with DC

Marvel comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis signs exclusive deal with DC

Well, of course DC Comics is "beyond thrilled".

A majority of the most popular writers and artists working in comics today have plied their trade for both Marvel and DC Comics.

Marvel tells Newsarama that the company was aware that Bendis would not be renewing his long-held exclusive with them (last signed back in 2015), and had signed a deal with DC.

Bendis confirmed the news shortly after, saying "change is good". And which writers would you like to see take over for Bendis on his current comics?

He co-created the "Ultimate Spider-Man" which ushered in the now-destroyed Ultimate Marvel Universe with modern incarnations of familiar characters. Ultimate Spider-Man led to the creation of Miles Morales, a black Hispanic teenager, who became Spider-Man in 2011.

One of his biggest achievements was his work on The Avengers, which he wrote from 2004 to 2012. Bendis is now in the middle of the biggest Iron Man story ever told, culminating in the character's 600th issue.

On social media, comic-book fans were not shy about their opinions of Bendis' departure.

Bendis had been working with Marvel since the beginning of the century.

Even for folks who don't follow comics, Bendis' work has likely come across their cultural radar. He also just started the Legacy arcs for The Defenders, Jessica Jones, and Spider-Man. We wish him luck in his future endeavors and, like DC, can't wait to see what he can do with a fresh slate of characters.

During a telephone interview from his home in Portland, Oregon, Bendis made it clear that there is no animosity between him and Marvel.

This is real. I love you all. It was a deliberate strategy: "I was trying to break down that Marvel vs. DC craziness that some fans have", he said.