Apple Pay Cash is Here, Is Your Small Business Ready?

Apple Pay Cash is Here, Is Your Small Business Ready?

IOS 10 was released a week earlier in September than iOS 11 and by October 31 past year it was already running on 72 percent of iOS devices, according to Mix Panel data. iOS 9 adoption hit 61 percent by mid-October.

Apple revealed the upcoming Apple Pay features back in June during the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Once first payments have been initiated, users will be issued a virtual Apple Pay Cash card, which - unsurprisingly - can only be used inside Apple Pay.

You're also able to send money directly from the Contacts app, by choosing the $ icon below any person's name.

Apple has launched a new payment service to take on Venmo. Although it is a bit late in the game, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) doesn't require a dedicated or special app for the transactions.

Once the money arrives to the Apple Pay Cash card, it's immediately usable anywhere that accepts Apple Pay.

According to TechCrunch, Apple is working with Green Dot to power the financial side of the new service.

Have you experienced issues with iOS 11?

It's now two months on, and Apple's Pay Cash is finally making its debut in the latest betas of iOS 11.2 and watchOS 4.2. Apple says that the fix will be a part of the next update which will be available in a few days. The new improvements also include iMessage's detection of when someone tells the user money is owed during a conversation. Debit card transfers are free while Apple will charge users a transaction fee for transfers initiated with a credit card.