First openly transgender person of color elected to public office in US

First openly transgender person of color elected to public office in US

His victory follows one by Andrea Jenkins, a transgender woman who easily won a seat on the City Council Tuesday night.

Democrats also won at least 14 more seats in the Virginia House of Delegates and an important seat in Washington which secures full Democratic control of the state government. According to the Advocate, Althena Garrison, a black woman, was the first transgender person elected to state legislature in 1992, but did not campaign openly with her gender and was violently ousted by The Boston Herald. She led by about 9%. On top of that, Marshall also referred to Roem with male pronouns and refused to debate her.

"As an African American trans-identified woman, I know firsthand the feeling of being marginalized, left out, thrown under the bus", she said in her victory speech. There, she has interviewed 194 people about their experiences as transgender and gender nonconforming people, recording their conversations so that historians and the public can access primary source material about the transgender community. She walked away with 73% of the vote by connecting directly with her constituents. Earlier in the week, she said: "If transgender people are being attacked, you need transgender voices to respond to those attacks".

Jenkins ran with an affiliation to the Democratic Party in the officially nonpartisan race, and defeated three other candidates, The Advocate reported.

She won the same night that Danica Roem became the nation's first openly transgender state lawmaker by winning a Virginia Statehouse seat.

Andrea Jenkins is the new Minneapolis City Council member for Ward 8.

In neighboring St. Paul, Susan Kimberly ran unsuccessfully for a second term on the City Council in the 1990s after serving a single term starting in 1974 - then as Bob Sylvester.

"Having transgender people elected in public office means we'll be able to make policies and direct conversations in ways that can ensure equity and fairness and justice for transgender people", she said. As a member of the Palm Spring Planning Commission, she focused on revitalizing downtown Palm Springs and promoted use of solar and renewable power.

Whether they can maintain that momentum to win US Congressional elections in states President Trump won is another question. "That just shows how respected she is from her lifetime, decades of work, but also how she is someone who brings a glue, who brings a sense of connectedness, and, frankly, I think that's something the city needs right now". He's a counselor, youth advocate and father.

Any way you look at it, last night was an absolutely historic night for America-and a stark rebuke for Trumpism a year after the biggest election mistake in American history.