Our plan to close the gender pay gap

Our plan to close the gender pay gap

From today, ladies, you are effectively working for the rest of 2017 for free.

Sophie Walker, leader of the Women's Equality Party, said: "The gender pay gap is poorly understood and as a effect not closing fast enough".

The Fawcett Society measured the gap for women in their 50s at 18.6%. Make your #paygappledge and tell us what you will do.

In terms of what the government is doing about this, Minister of State for Women Anne Milton told The Debrief "Despite the Equal Pay Act being passed almost 50 years ago, too many women are still held back in their careers".

Rather than using the Office for National Statistic's official figure of 9.1 per cent (calculated using the median hourly earnings of full-time workers), Fawcett uses the ONS's mean calculation instead, to achieve a figure five percentage points higher than the preferred figure.

"I'm doing it to support those on lower wages - I work for a lot of elderly people whose [female] carers are on such poor wages", she says.

I feel as if the world is speeding past us yet somehow on the issue of pay, we are frozen in time. "It should matter to everyone #equalpayday".

In the United Kingdom, women on average earn 18.4% less than the average man.

Meanwhile, Sky News anchor Kay Burley served up her support, tweeting: "It fills my heart with joy to know women now work for free to the end of the year while their male counterparts continue to pocket a salary".

The Fawcett Society, the United Kingdom based organization which works for gender equality and women's rights has mentioned that same like 2016 this year also the world will celebrate the "Equal Pay Day" on the same date.

"The date has not shifted in the calendar for the past three years, demonstrating the lack of progress there has been in closing the pay gap, " it said.

Chief executive Sam Smethers said that was extremely worrying.

Joeli Bearley, 38, from Manchester, who was sacked the day after telling her boss she was pregnant and now runs the campaign Pregnant then Screwed, says many employers think they are better than they really are. But even without a thorough breakdown of evidence, young women in the United Kingdom have every reason to believe that they will receive equal pay; the gender pay gap from women aged 22-39 is negligible.

The government is also encouraging companies to publish an "action plan" alongside their figures, outlining steps they will take to close the gender pay gap within their organisation.

"It's over 40 years since we introduced equal pay legislation across Europe and Ireland in 1974 and it still hasn't addressed that gap", said Ms Bacik.

An earlier equal pay campaign from WEP and Now created a visually arresting outdoor campaign for the Women's Equality Party and Liverpool Metro Mayoral candidate Tabitha Morton.