Eminem feat. Beyoncé - 'Walk On Water'

Eminem feat. Beyoncé - 'Walk On Water'

This combination photo shows Eminem, left, at the "Southpaw" New York Premiere July 2015 and Beyoncé, right, at Tidal X: Brooklyn on October 17.

The Grammy-winning rapper first teased the song with a cryptic Instagram post on Wednesday, November 8, though he managed to keep Queen Bey's feature a secret.

Eminem, the top-selling rapper of all time who earned his fame on the back of aggressive beats and lightning-quick rhymes, is accompanied nearly entirely by piano and strings on the new track, "Walk on Water".

Cursed by "the standard the first Marshall Mathers disc set, " Eminem seemingly can never measure up. We hear his struggle as he shows us what it's like to have such high expectations for everything he does. The lyrics are boosted even further with the sound of paper being ripped off a notepad and being crumpled up and tossed away.

Eminem premiered his new single "Walk On Water" today on digital platforms.

"Kids look to me as a god / This is retarded", Eminem raps. We've got the song below, check it out and be sure to let us know what you think. The rhyme has to be ideal, the delivery flawless, ' he continues.

"Walk on Water" is available on all streaming services.

Fans also pointed out that Eminem's release is the same day as Taylor Swift dropped her new album Reputation with some hinting at Taylor being overshadowed.

Eminem earlier released a snippet from the song with an image of a prescription note from a fake drug called Revival.