IPhone X's Face ID gets conned by mask

IPhone X's Face ID gets conned by mask

Ngo Tuan Anh, Bkav's vice president, gave Reuters several demonstrations, first unlocking the phone with his face and then by using the mask.

Apple claims the system is impervious to being fooled by photos, impersonators and masks, but a team of hackers claims to have beaten the technology after just a week.

But it's also a hacking proof-of-concept that, for now, shouldn't alarm the average iPhone owner, given the time, effort, and access to someone's face required to recreate it. Areas that have special materials include the nose which is made of silicone and the frame which is 3D printed. "The skin on the face of the mask was made by hand all to fool the Artificial Intelligence installed by Apple on the iPhone X". It is possible that the son's age played a role as Apple has said that the "undeveloped facial features" in those under the age of 13 could cause issues with Face ID.

Since the iPhone X went on sale on November 3 there have been numerous attempts to hack its Face ID system.

The company behind the video, Bkav have revealed more details about how they tricked Apple's Face ID with a mask. It has been developing with the specific aim of fooling Face ID's depth-mapping technology.

The iPhone X starts at $1,000-for that kind of price tag we hope so. If you are just a casual user, you need not worry.

Conversely, if Face ID fails to recognize you, but the match quality is higher than a certain threshold and you immediately follow the failure by entering your passcode, Face ID takes another capture and augments its enrolled Face ID data with the newly calculated mathematical representation.

Describing how all that was needed was half a face image to make the mask, the company says people can try it out for themself.

Apple said there's one in a million chance of someone cracking its proprietary facial recognition feature. They offer only a reasonable level of security, and users adopt them because they are more convenient.

Apple's design chief Jony Ive said in an interview with Wallpaper that the iPhone X would get a lot of new features via software updates over the next year.