YouTube partners with Ticketmaster to promote live concerts

YouTube partners with Ticketmaster to promote live concerts

But however it shakes out, this partnership between YouTube and Ticketmaster is a landmark move in the ongoing constriction of power at the top of the music industry food chain-and as we've learned throughout our country's history, corporate monopolies throw a serious wrench into what's meant to be a self-correcting economic market system.

Google's video sharing platform is now making this "official" as they have also established a partnership with Ticketmaster to make it easier for interested fans to buy tickets to these shows. "Starting today, we will begin featuring hundreds of artists' upcoming USA tour dates on their YouTube videos". YouTube also has a massive audience to market these tickets too - with 1.5 billion logged-in monthly users, this exposes Ticketmaster concerts to a huge number of online music fans. The latest industry trend seems to take the already-oligarchical landscape and consolidate the power even further, as Spotify did when inked a partnership with Ticketmaster that aimed seamlessly sell tickets for specific artists' concerts directly to the people listening them the most. We'll be rolling out this feature to all artists who have Ticketmaster shows in North America with plans to expand globally.

So if you live in the North America region, then this is a feature you'll want to keep an eye out for.

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Presumably, there's some sort of revenue sharing agreement here for the ticket sales that are initiated via YouTube, but the company didn't say. "And, as part of our ongoing commitment to support artists, we'll continue to find additional ways to make meaningful fan and artist connections", YouTube said.

The new experience is available on an artist's official music video on YouTube, meaning VEVO pages and artist channels. With music videos being among the most popular content categories on YouTube, we wonder why the streaming service hasn't implemented it sooner. With a simple click, the platform will redirect users to to purchase the tickets.

Fans can now buy concert tickets right from their favorite artists' YouTube music videos.