Kenya's supreme court has upheld the reelection of president Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenya's supreme court has upheld the reelection of president Uhuru Kenyatta

"As a outcome, the presidential election of 26 hereby upheld as is the election of the third respondent", president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kenya's supreme court has dismissed two petitions against the October 26 reelection of president Uhuru Kenyatta.

The youths who were protesting the court's decision barricaded roads leading to Kawangware 56 area.

The apex court will today (Monday, November 20, 2017), either invalidate the November election or give the green light for President Kenyatta's swearing-in for a second term. The court nullified Mr. Kenyatta's August 8 win, citing irregularities.

The court in September nullified the August presidential election over irregularities and ordered a new vote held last month.

Unlike in August when violence erupted and property was destroyed immediately after President Kenyatta was declared victor of August 8 poll which was later nullified by the Supreme Court, there was relative calm Monday and streets seemed deserted as most of the residents chose to stay indoors and watch what was happening outside from windows of their houses.

On October 30, Kenyatta won the repeat presidential election with 98 percent of the vote, though opposition supporters staged a boycott and prevented polls from opening in several counties.

"It was a decision taken under duress".

"We have made about Sh10, 000 since morning selling this flags", said Christopher Ngare.

The Jubilee supporters are selling both Kenyan and Jubilee flags to motorists and residents who have joined the celebrations.

The opposition strategy is built around a National Resistance Movement that hinges on the economic boycott and civil disobedience.