Federal judge blocks ban on sex reassignment surgeries for service members

Federal judge blocks ban on sex reassignment surgeries for service members

A second federal judge blocked Trump's attempt to ban transgender soldiers from the military yesterday, but the administration struck back and filed an appeal of a previous partial block.

In July, Trump surprised many - including, it was reported, his own top military advisers - by tweeting that he would reverse President Obama's order allowing transgender men and women to serve openly and receive funding for gender-confirmation surgery.

"A fanciful, subjective, and unfit tweet of new strategy does not trump the orderly and deliberate audit by military partners met all requirements to comprehend the implications of arrangement changes".

The Trump administration can not deny funding for sex reassignment surgeries for active duty military members until the official guidance goes into effect in 2018, U.S. District Judge Marvin J. Garbis of Maryland ruled Wednesday.

"A surprising declaration by the President and president of the United States through Twitter that "the United States Government won't acknowledge or enable transgender people to serve in any way in the U.S. military" surely can be viewed as stunning the situation being what it is", Garbis composed, in the wake of installing screen shots of the tweets pages prior.

The order expands upon an October 30 ruling by a Washington, D.C., district judge that put Trump's proposed ban on hold but didn't specify whether the military would continue to pay for transition-related care. She said the administration had provided no solid evidence for why a ban should be implemented. Two weeks before Trump issued his official memo instating the ban in late August, two LGBTQ organizations filed lawsuits against it. Transgender service members have continued to serve in the meantime.

"Today is a victory for transgender service members across the country", senior ACLU staff attorney Joshua Block said in a statement. "We're pleased that the courts have stepped in to ensure that trans service members are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve".

The Trump administration's transgender ban was also being argued in federal court in Seattle on Tuesday in a case brought by gay rights group Lambda Legal, with a judge grilling a Justice Department lawyer over the president's intent and over how his directive has already affected transgender troops.