Christmas tree grower wants to dispel the rumors

Christmas tree grower wants to dispel the rumors

While getting stuck with a diminutive Charlie Brown-type Christmas tree filled with gaping holes is unlikely, keep in mind all trees are going to have some imperfections. "They also love that fresh pine smell".

"Ultimately, you have to cut where is necessary to make it fit the space, but there's a tidy way of doing it", says David.

Soon the smaller pair of legs backed out from under the tree and seven-year-old Logan ended observation of his father's efforts and joined his mother.

Maki says buy trees earlier in the season for the best selection and touch the branches to check if you're getting a fresh tree.

Absher's trees are now for sale, and he said he will be selling them up until a few days before Christmas. "People think you're out here destroying the forest, cutting down trees".

The National Christmas Tree Association said the sticker shock stems from the great recession, which led farmers to plant less trees creating a shortage.

Many garden centres also sell artificial thin trees which are nearly like a standard, just with branches on the upper third of the tree. It should be placed around the base of the tree before you place in the stand, and will be hidden by the tree skirt.

Once you get your tree home, you should saw about an inch off the bottom and place it in a container of water. This will reduce your after-holiday needle cleanup to practically nothing.

"A lot of the trees are coming through very wide". Although the tree will use the most water during the first week indoors, be sure to check it daily and add water as needed as long as it is up. The warmth of the water will warm up the sap and allow the tree to soak up more. But the number of fake trees sold more than doubled from 8 million to nearly 19 million. That tree crop was also impacted by drought in some areas. Apparently little is known about either tree except that they were put in the town square at Christmas time, were danced around and then set on fire, which may have been the beginnings of the tradition of burning a Yule log.