Destiny 2 Ranked PvP Promised for Next Year

Destiny 2 Ranked PvP Promised for Next Year

Bungie was supposed to have their third and final Curse of Osiris stream this week, a mere seven days out from the launch of the somewhat anticipated first DLC for Destiny 2, but after the recent controversies, the unusually silent developer has chose to cancel the Twitch stream. "You'll hear from studio leadership about their assessment of Destiny all up, they'll talk about our goals for the game going forward, and you'll also learn about how we're reacting to your feedback with some game updates that will arrive in the next few weeks", community manager Davide "Deej" Dague posted. "Our intention was to keep slower-paced activities as rewarding as high intensity grinding without confusing variations in displayed XP values, but the silent nature of the mechanic betrayed the expectation of transparency that you have for Destiny 2".

It remains to be seen what Bungie has to say tomorrow in regards to the recent controversy, but with the Destiny 2 community now up in arms, let's hope Bungie outlines some concrete answers for where Destiny 2 goes from here.

Bungie shut down the feature in light of the controversy, but vocal members of the community are demanding refunds for the game.

The previously scheduled livestream, the third and final one for Curse of Osiris, would have focused on showing off the gear that players will be able to earn in the expansion. "We want Destiny to be a game that fits into your life". A lot of the issues here just seem to stem from a lack of communication.

However, after taking the system offline, players noticed that the amount of XP required to fill up the experience bar had doubled.

You can check out in full the changes coming to the game in the official announcement, with especially detailed reports on what will be available in the December 5 and 12 updates. Bungie has a small window before then to appease Destiny 2 players and show them it's committed to fixing the game's flaws, perceived or otherwise.