Federal Bureau of Investigation joins the search for missing 3-year-old girl

Federal Bureau of Investigation joins the search for missing 3-year-old girl

Woods, who hasn't seen Mariah or her two brothers since a year ago, said he isn't convinced she was abducted.

The FBI is now working with state and local authorities in order to locate the missing girl, according to ABC affiliate WCTI.

"Our focus right now is to bring her back, and then to find out what happened", Miller said Tuesday. It's entirely premature to try to determine what happened, ' Sheriff Miller said.

Long's daughter was born with a shortened leg, so she said she could understand how her child might be mistaken for Mariah, who has difficulty walking without leg braces.

"Please, bring her back ..." Federal Bureau of Investigation officials said they've received 140 tips so far and have conducted hundreds of interviews since her disappearance. "Just to be able to touch her and hold her and not let her go again".

Photos released by the FBI Wednesday morning that were believed to be of a missing 3-year-old North Carolina girl at the center of a statewide Amber Alert have been debunked.

Mariah is around 30 pounds and is 2-foot-9 and was last seen wearing pink and white underpants.

Police have frantically searched the area around Mariah's home since Monday, adding a Marine Corps helicopter and state highway troopers to the effort.

"Mariah is a member of our community, and we will use every possible means to bring her home", said Sheriff Miller, emphasizing that time is important in this type of case.

WRAL in North Carolina said law enforcement leaders confirmed the photos did not show Mariah.

"Personally as a father, as a grandfather I'm looking at a little three-year-old girl and I'm emotional about this".

"'I'll do anything that I can, whatever you want", said Woods.

Law enforcement officials also searched the home and the family's vehicle for evidence.

Mariah's mom says she woke up Monday morning and noticed her daughter was missing from her bedroom.

They say they found some items of interest in the woods behind the home, but are unsure if it's connected to the girl's disappearance yet.

"No piece of information is too small or insignificant", Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller told reporters. Investigators are asking anyone who saw the family on Sunday, November 26, 2017 through Monday, November, 27, 2017 to call the Sheriff's Office at 910-455-3113.

Officials emphasized multiple times that investigative details and particulars about the case are not being disclosed at this time and they plan on having another press conference later in the day.