Supermoon Alert! Sunday's Full Moon Will Be 2017's Only Supermoon

Supermoon Alert! Sunday's Full Moon Will Be 2017's Only Supermoon

It makes the moon appear up to 14 percent lighter and 30 percent brighter.

Supermoon is the term given to the moon when it's two cycles around the earth match up. This makes the moon to appear up to 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than usual.

The moon will be visible to see on Sunday after 5 p.m. when it begins to rise, however, it won't officially be a Supermoon until it is at its closest point to Earth, which will be at approximately 4 a.m. on Monday.

This means that each month the moon reaches a furthest point from earth and a closest point.

Also, because it's the last full moon of the year, it's called a "Frost" moon, or "Cold" moon. It doesn't always correspond with a supermoon (though it did in December 2016). Even so, the supermoon is still worth viewing. It's more like an oval, so at times it's closer to the Earth than it is at other times.

This weekend will be a good time to relax, look up at the sky and take in the glowing moon.

If you don't think you'll want to leave the comfort of your own home to view the celestial event, there will be two livestreams of the supermoon. This is known as the moon illusion and the moon hasn't grown; it's a trick your eyes are playing on you.

"We're seeing all of the Earth's sunrises and sunsets at that moment reflected from the surface of the Moon", says Sarah Noble, a Program Scientist at NASA headquarters.

If you won't be able to witness the Supermoon on Sunday, don't worry because there will be a few more in the near future.

The supermoon will be visible until the morning of 4 December.

"The supermoon gets headlines because the moon's a little bigger and a little brighter, but people get frustrated that they can't always tell the difference".