Shoppers Pack Mall As Rush To Return Christmas Gifts Is On

Shoppers Pack Mall As Rush To Return Christmas Gifts Is On

Denise Duchacek, of Kingsville, got a head start Tuesday on next year's Christmas shopping at the Fallston Walmart store, loading up on half-priced gift wrap.

"Things like Christmas, Valentine's Day and the middle of the year months are generally our best times of the year, but we've already had our clearance sale so I don't know yet what to expect", Ristich said.

"I'm just like, why would you get me this?"

Malls in the Charlotte region were packed Tuesday as people returned gifts and hunted for post-Christmas deals. "We have gift cards, a few returns to do", shopper Janet Jacobs said. "I think that will help save some headaches", said Zimmerman.

The NRF also says that nearly two-thirds of consumers returned or exchanged at least one item previous year.

"They have great sales in there", she said in the store parking lot after moving her goods from her cart to her auto.

The reasons for shopping don't end at gift cards and sales.

Many took advantage of time off work to sleep in.

"We did have those early bird customers this morning looking for that after Christmas special deal especially on our Christmas and holiday decorations", Lauck said. "We're just strolling around seeing the sights and we're shopping for ourselves, not other people", Amanda and Michele Folta said. NY and Company advertised up to 80 percent off on "everything".

According to an article on, the after-Christmas sales are expected to be up by 3.6 percent over last year's sales, resulting in the strongest growth for the holiday season since 2010. "Last year, before and after Christmas was insane".

"The kids had money and gift cards that they had to spend today", Blizzard said, joking that the money was "burning a hole in their pockets".

Florence resident Becky Barrier said having four children has made her become a smart and experienced shopper.