Where to recycle your real Christmas tree around Denver

Where to recycle your real Christmas tree around Denver

Yanez said recycling the trees is the best way to ensure they are ground up properly. Trees will be used to enhance fish habitat in the lake.

Many harvested Christmas trees do not grow in the wild, but are raised on farms.

Broomfield has six locations for residents to drop off Christmas trees through January 8.

The county says in a press release that since the program began, an average of 2,300 trees have been collected annually, yielding over 110 cubic yards of mulch each year.

There is also a suggested donation of one dollar per tree. After Jan. 12, the City of Midland will collect Christmas trees during residents' once-a-month heavy item and brush collection week. The event page can be found online.

For trees to be recycled, all ornaments and tinsel must be removed.

Trees that are kept too long have the potential to become fire hazards, so the Carroll-Columbiana-Harrison Environmental Group, based in those counties, shared a few tips to how to safely dispose of live trees after the holidays are over.

Only real trees will be accepted.

Locals can now drop off their trees at either the Central Landfill in Newark, or the Berlin, Pocomoke, or Snow Hill Homeowners Convenience Centers.