At least 9 dead in church shooting near Cairo, Egypt

At least 9 dead in church shooting near Cairo, Egypt

At least 10 people, including one gunman, were shot dead Friday morning outside a Coptic church in south Cairo, according to Egyptian health minister spokesman.

The gunman had opened fire outside the church, wounding five security guards, and tried to storm the building when police shot him dead, the officials said. State television said the second attacker had been captured.

The ISIS group's affiliate in Egypt has killed dozens of Christians in church bombings and shootings over the past year, and has threatened further attacks against the minority.

Including the dead attacker, at least three people were involved in the terrorist squad.

Last month, terrorists have claimed the lives of more than 300 Muslim worshippers in one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in Egypt when they detonated a bomb inside a crowded mosque in Sinai.

"Once the gunfire was heard, the gates were closed immediately", she told The Associated Press over the phone.

The attack came amid tightened security around churches and Christian facilities ahead of the Coptic Orthodox Christian celebrations of Christmas on January 7. Authorities have closed off the area around the church. At least one senior officer was killed and two wounded in that attack, which pointed to an unusually high level of intelligence available to the militants.

Coptic churches in Egypt are often attacked. The high death toll serves as a grim reminder of the difficulties of Egypt's struggle to restore security and stability after almost six years of turmoil following the 2011 uprising.

Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Christians are frequently targeted in Egypt.