Donald Trump Forgets Words To National Anthem: Social Media Reacts

Donald Trump Forgets Words To National Anthem: Social Media Reacts

Trump attended the College Football Playoff National Championship Game in Atlanta on January 8 and appeared to have forgotten the words to The Star-Spangled Banner, the Daily Mail reported. Unlike the NFL, nearly no college football teams take the field until after the national anthem, according to The Associated Press.

Aravosis said: "This is priceless, as only 3 hours after he tweeted this Trump tried to sing the National Anthem and forgot the words".

The president mouthed along to the first few lines of the national anthem with no issues.

During one of his speeches, Trump even called a football player who refused to stand at attention during the performance of the United States national anthem "son of a bitch".

In video footage, President Donald Trump can be seen with his hand over his heart as the Star-Spangled Banner starts to play but he doesn't sing all of the words of the anthem.

The president was reportedly greeted with a mixture of cheers and boos while taking the field.

Trump left the game at half time, during a performance by Kendrick Lamar, who has been an outspoken critic of the president.

But tweeters also wondered whether Trump's botched Anthem singalong was more a sign of forgetfulness and early dementia.

As he stood on the field alongside country music band Zac Brown Band and a gospel choir, the commander-in-chief appeared to mouth some of the lyrics to the anthem - and it didn't look like he knew what he was uttering. Hmm. well, that's one way to show respect, I guess.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump sparked controversy last September after he referred to Colin Kaepernick and other protesting athletes as "sons of bitches" during a rally in Alabama.