'Dragon Ball FighterZ' open beta features 11 characters, Hit joins roster

'Dragon Ball FighterZ' open beta features 11 characters, Hit joins roster

Fans of the anime first met the Legendary Assassin in Dragon Ball Super.

The battle between the remaining participants in the Tournament of Power will intensify in the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super". Like Goku Black, Hit is also given his own trailer.

Arriving from Universe 6, Hit will be among the dozens of playable DBZ characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ when it launches later this month. Calm and collected, Hit moves with lightning-fast speed as he pounds his enemy. In order to get early access, pre-purchasers will need to download the Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta Early Access DLC in addition to the beta client.

The show ran for 291 episodes and spawned more than 15 movies, a whole bunch of video games, board games, a wide variety of merchandise, and two more animated sequels, titled Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super.

Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed the PC requirements for their upcoming fighter, giving gamers the heads up on specification requirements before the games open beta release on January 13th. Should one choose to forego following Bandai Namco's FAQ instructions in the above tweet, both of the beta clients for PS4 and Xbox One can also be found in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace following a simple search for the game.