New Emoji Coming to iOS Devices Later This Year

New Emoji Coming to iOS Devices Later This Year

The senator wrote to Unicode requesting a lobster emoji in September 2017 and cited the importance of the animal on Maine's culture and economy.

A lobster emoji is coming and Maine's junior senator is boiling over with joy.

Emoji 11.0, the latest and greatest list of tiny characters that will define your online communications for the next year, has been finalized.

Per Emojipedia, there are 157 new emojis in the list, bringing the total number of approved emojis to 2,823. These images are just samples and vendors for mobile phones, PCs, and web platforms will typically use images that fit their overall emoji designs. He even signed the tweet with a cow emoji and a crown emoji, seemingly representing his name "Angus King". One of its responsibilities is controlling the emojis that smartphone users can add to their texts and other messages.

Unicode said Wednesday the lobster emoji was among more than 150 picked to be added in the next round of emojis.

Angus King says the emoji is long-overdue and a cause for celebration for lobster lovers. As part of its #LikeAGirl campaign, feminine hygiene product brand Always released a video in 2016 showing the underrepresentation of women with respect to emojis.