Champagne orders review of controversial helicopter deal with the Philippines

Champagne orders review of controversial helicopter deal with the Philippines

The Canadian Commercial Corporation, which helps broker foreign military deals on behalf of the federal government, facilitated the agreement.

The Crown corporation would not reveal any other details about the deal, citing commercial confidentiality, but media reports say the Philippines government had set aside almost $300 million for the purchase.

"The reason I'm buying helicopters is because I want to finish them off", Duterte added.

Philippine troops and police, beset by Islamist and communist insurgencies, fought a five-month battle previous year against Islamic State group supporters in the southern city of Marawi.

Asked to expound on a military official's statement that the choppers will be used for "internal security operations", Roque said they can always considering purchasing from other sellers.

Those include extrajudicial killings, the destruction of homes, unlawful arrests and other alleged violations.

The Philippines is seeking to allay concerns over its planned purchase of 16 Bell 412 helicopters from Canada. "We respect the stand of Canada", he said during a media briefing Friday morning.

"We have very clear rules around who and what we can sell either arms of potential military vehicles like helicopters and controls-on what they intend to be used for and checks in how they are used", Trudeau said.

But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also raised concerns about extrajudicial killings while visiting the country in November, specifically those related to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's violent crackdown on illegal drugs.

The two governments announced the deal less than three months after Duterte and Trudeau clashed.

"Do not buy anymore from Canada and the U.S. because there is always a condition attached", he said, adding that he was referring to defence materiel.

The helicopter deal with the Philippines, he said, represents yet another example. Duterte said then that he was insulted and angered by Trudeau's remarks. "And we will obviously review the facts and take the right decision", Champagne told reporters according to another Reuters report.