Valve Updates Steam Wishlists With More Information, New Features

Valve Updates Steam Wishlists With More Information, New Features

Alongside the deals, Valve has reworked Steam's wishlist feature.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Valve has launched the latest big sale on Steam. Items on your wishlist will now show the platforms, tags, overall review score, and current price with discount. Along with that though, comes a number of changes to the way wishlists work, making it easier to buy titles from the list, easier to sort them, and easier to find that one game you know you wanted but you can't quite remember what it was called. Unlike in the past, Steam no longer does flash deals - all discounts will be available for the entire length of the sale. Filters and sort orders will auto-save and be applied on your subsequent Steam Store wishlist visit. You can also see popular tags for each game underneath the title, and filter out Early Access titles, which will appear again when development is complete.

Other filters include certain price thresholds, operating system support and whether they're on sale or not.

At the time of writing the wishlist filters and sorting improvements weren't available to me on the web or via the Steam client app unless I followed the link from the home page banner.

There's also the ability to add items to the cart directly from the wishlist, which cuts down on clicks. However, we found that there are cases where it isn't always clear which version of the game should be added to the cart.

Finally, a user's wishlist is now more easily customization.

Valve rolled out a new update to Steam's wishlist functionality today, adding a bunch of new ways to advise the UI what you want to see.