Gandhi, Nehru, Obama, Pinarayi... Kamal lists out favorites during party launch

Gandhi, Nehru, Obama, Pinarayi... Kamal lists out favorites during party launch

Kamal also unfurled the party's flag at the event.

He announced the party name as "Makkal Neethi Maiam" (People's Justice Forum).

What does Makkal Needhi Maiam mean? He said that the party was for the people, and that he was committed to bring the reform that Tamil Nadu people had been waiting for. Simultaneously, the same was unveiled on all the social media platforms with a message that the party is yours (people) and it is here to stay. He discussed a lot of political alliances with the likes of Karunanidhi or the upcoming actor turned politician Rajinikanth but finally he will be the one raising the flag for his own political party with AAP party leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Haasan began his political journey by visiting the house of A P J Abdul Kalam, describing the former president as his "role model". The choice of Madurai has significance for the 62-year-old actor, who waited for months after announcing his political ambition and held many consultations before the launch.

Referring to the lyrics of a song from one of his films, Haasan said he was prepared to learn if he had to do so "by breaking barriers". "I will certainly come back to my people here". Says he will meet them again soon and next time it will be a longer interaction and they can provide him with suggestions.

Haasan had also starred in a film titled Nammavar. My fans are aware of it.

There have been several examples of former actors who have left a mark in politics in Tamil Nadu. He is also ready to take ideas from all good ideologies of other parties whichever deems fits the welfare of the common people.

The best wishes from Kamal Haasan's daughter Shruti Haasan is definitely noteworthy. The political majors of the state have already predicted a lacklustre future for the actor's political party - which he was scheduled to launch in Madurai late on Wednesday.