Metal Gear Survive Launches with a Trailer

Metal Gear Survive Launches with a Trailer

It's certainly not a Metal Gear that fans wanted, but it's the one they're getting.

Despite Hideo Kojima or Kojima Productions no longer working on the Metal Gear franchise, Konami is moving forward with the franchise, this time pushing the stealth mechanics aside and focus on survival action. Metal Gear Survive Update 1.02 has just been released. A single player campaign will be on offer, as well as four player co-op, as players do their best to survive against the never-ending waves of messed up "biological disasters".

If you will be playing the game on Xbox One - you can probably expect a similar download size. Because everyone knows you can't survive without money. If you didn't delete the game from your first beta experience, simply choose the appropriate launcher, log in, and enjoy the carnage. Though it can be played solo, it requires a persistent online connection.

While the beta is live through February 18, you'll be able to access three different missions and two maps within the confines of co-op mode. Now, you could choose any of the entries and still have a blast shooting undead Nazis with your pals but the most recent iteration is definitely worth checking out. Metal Gear Survive is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and will be available in Europe and other regions from 22nd February.