Vivo Apex is a concept phone with 98% screen-to-body ratio

Vivo Apex is a concept phone with 98% screen-to-body ratio

Aside from the Vivo Xplay7, Vivo is also working on APEX FullView Concept Smartphone that shows what could be the future of smartphones. It takes just 0.8 seconds for the Elevating Front Camera to rise out of the APEX's body, and goes back down when it is not being used. Vivo's solution is genius in its simplicity but also incredibly ridiculous in action.

This phone also incorporates world's first Half-Screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology.

What Vivo did to the APEX is make the bottom half of the OLED screen. Xiaomi's Mi Mix addressed this with a piezoelectric design that worked similar to bone conduction technology, but Vivo's approach here is to vibrate the entire screen itself like a speaker - you can still hear phone calls without holding the device to your head.

The first device from the company with the industry first in-display fingerprint scanning technology was X20 Plus UD which was unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES) in January. It argues that it should save on power, reduce sound leakage and offer a superior audio experience. At MWC 2018, the company is surprising the tech industry once again with the APEX.

From breakthroughs in audio, photography to In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology, Vivo has remained committed to realizing our vision for future smartphones.

What it means is you can opt to use two fingerprints instead of one to unlock the phone, make a payment of unlock certain apps, folders or features. It doesn't need extra room on your phone and the OEM has more flexibility with its installation as it can be placed anywhere under the display.

The third interesting feature of this phone is its front-facing camera, as it is completely hidden until you opt to use it. When you want to take a selfie, the camera extends and when you are finished, it retracts.

Now, for starters, it's worth noting that the Vivo Apex features a 98-percent screen-to-body ratio, which is the highest screen-to-body ratio on any smartphone, by far.

It means you and your partner/friend/colleague/pet chimpanzee can each proffer a finger to the phone, and only when you're both present will you be able to access the device as a whole, or certain areas of it. There's simply too much actual innovation built into a single concept device, which Vivo boldly claims is still "only a fraction of our innovation pipeline".

When looked at the front, the phone is a bit reminiscent of the Essential phone, but with even smaller bezels minus the front camera.

Despite the Vivo Apex concept running Android, the experience is rather different in this guise. This could very well be a demo just like that of the X20 Plus UD on the CES a year ago.