BlackBerry 'Ghost' smartphone with 18:9 display coming to India soon

BlackBerry 'Ghost' smartphone with 18:9 display coming to India soon

"BlackBerry "Ghost": a bezel-less, premium Android handset from licensee Optiemus; coming soon to India", Blass wrote on Twitter.

The soon-to-be launched device, according to Blass, will have a rather slim bezel, and will be powered by Android. This is a Delhi-based telecom company which had reportedly bagged the BlackBerry rights late past year.

The network posted the first image of the BlackBerry smartphone Ghost, which will be announced in the current half of the year.

BlackBerry Mobile only relinquished control over the design of its smartphones over to TCL back in 2016, making the debut of the KeyOne during MWC 2017 an impressive turn around. Simple: it was made by Optiemus, no doubt for use on its network and this means we likely won't see the handset launched in the West.

Beyond this image, there is not much to tell. Since then, the Chinese company has released a couple of BlackBerry smartphones, including the KEYone and the Motion. While TCL and BB Merah Putih have already launched their respective designs, Optiemus is still to make any official announcement.

The BlackBerry brand has yet to regain significant traction globally since the launch of the KeyOne at Barcelona past year, which was followed in October by the unveiling of the BlackBerry Motion. So much so, in fact, that despite the low shipment number for past year, Francois Mahieu, the chief commercial officer of BlackBerry Mobile, has declared "mission accomplished" following the launch of its first flagship of the TCL era.

It seems that the phone's antenna lines are on the side of the device which indicate that the smartphone will feature a metal body and give a premium look to the device. BlackBerry's new mission is to now inform people that they can have all their favorite apps on a BlackBerry phone.