Dropbox to let Google reach inside it and rummage about

Dropbox to let Google reach inside it and rummage about

Additionally, Dropbox will integrate with Google Hangouts Chat, the Slack-a-like platform from Google that was finally removed from beta yesterday after more than a year.

Hangouts Chat is a huge change in direction for the company, representing its first major entrance into the business communication and collaboration space.

App connection include the typical G Suite apps that will come alongside Hangout Chat, including docs, sheets and slides and Google said the workplace chat service will come with 25 bots pre installed, created by third-party developers. And this feature enables Dropbox User in the following tasks.

Hangouts Chat is available from the web browser, or from iOS and Android apps. The move comes out of a recognition that people tend to use more than one cloud service, and it can be problematic having to deal with files and tools in different locations.

Made accessible for all users, these integrations means they'll be able to create, open, and edit Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files that live in Dropbox. Businesses who are already paying for G Suite will get Hangouts Chat for no additional cost, making it an attractive alternative to Slack. Google shared the news in a blog entry.

Google Google Hangouts Chat on the smartphone. "For example, a bot can take a location from a user, look it up using the Google Maps API and display the resulting map right within the same message thread in Hangouts Chat", the two product managers said.

According to official spokespeople of Google and Alphabet, Hangouts Chat will be gradually rolled out to every single G Suite user on the face of planet Earth over the next week, with all roll-outs slated to be finished by March 7, 2018.

Google has also integrated tools powered by artificial intelligence for companies to use like the meeting scheduler tool, which after the analysis of the company's conference room listings and seating charts helps in suggesting where should the meeting be scheduled.