Stephanie McMahon's Slap to Ronda Rousey Reportedly Legitimate

Stephanie McMahon's Slap to Ronda Rousey Reportedly Legitimate

Rousey's contract signing was like every contract signing in WWE. Rousey will be teaming with a partner to face Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, continuing the feud from WrestleMania 31 that progressed at Elimination Chamber and RAW this past week. For now, enjoy Ronda owning Helmsley.

Having heard that, Rousey made a decision to strike first, slamming Triple H through a table in the middle of the ring. Either way, the former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion quickly regained her composure and stared down McMahon, who quickly scurried out of the ring.

Well, not for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon anyway.

The Raw General Manager then said that Stephanie had called Rousey a "has-been" before he was escorted out of the ring by Triple H.

As Rousey suggested in her tweet, she will likely take the microphone and explain the events of the previous night.

Ronda Rousey has had a very controversial start to life in the WWE. After putting Triple H through a table, Rousey was slapped by Stephanie McMahon. There have been mixed reports on whether or not Browne will be wrestling. Throughout her mixed martial arts career, Rousey always talked about her passion for the WWE and her friendship with late wrestle Roddy Piper.