Two remain in critical condition after Salisbury incident

Two remain in critical condition after Salisbury incident

Two people were taken to hospital Sunday after falling unconscious at the Maltings shopping centre after exposure to what was then described as an unidentified substance but police now suspect was a highly powerful synthetic opiate called fentanyl.

A "major incident" has been declared in Salisbury (5th March) after two people were exposed to an unknown substance.

Police were called to the Maltings shopping centre after a man and woman were found collapsed.

"The pair, who we believe are known to each other, did not have any visible injuries and were taken to Salisbury District Hospital".

Police say they're carrying out a full investigation and working with partner agencies to clarify the exact circumstances.

The majority of the victims are members of the public.

Zizzi, on Castle Street, has been sealed by Wiltshire Police "as a precaution".

"Based on the limited information available there doesn't appear to be any further immediate risk to public health".

Mrs Charles-Barks added: "In terms of the impact on the hospital we have been advising people today to attend routine operations and outpatient appointments unless they are contacted by the hospital and this advice remains the same".