'American Idol' is officially back - can it overcome its rocky start?

'American Idol' is officially back - can it overcome its rocky start?

After a hiatus of nearly two years, "American Idol" is back on a new network.

But, with so many other reality competitions on the air, it is hard to see what sets "American Idol" apart. In the early episodes, the show is marginally revised and instantly familiar. Veteran host Ryan Seacrest is the only on-air talent form the FOX series that will play a role in the revival.

I was initially concerned that the show was again going in the celebrity judge direction, and especially after her hosting of the MTV Video Music Awards, Katy Perry's expensive casting did not give me hope.

No offense to the aspiring singer, but her audition was bad - and it was the first opportunity for the judges to show their true colors. and to see if anyone would fill in Cowell's "mean judge" shoes. In the end, the judges did offer Ripa a ticket to Hollywood - but there was a catch.

The 68-year-old singer told People in a group interview that though he is ready to take on his fellow judges Katy Perry and Luke Bryan, he hasn't needed to get too passionate yet. Do you want someone who can just play. bars? You have different contestants.

It was an emotional moment, as dozens of former contestants - many of whom had their lives changed by the show - returned to pay their respects to the groundbreaking television series, which was going off the air forever.

Perry laughed off the shortcoming: "I can't [name someone], because this is the first season of "American Idol".

How can I watch the show? As we get closer to the real deal I can nearly feel that we're going to be able to voice our opinions, ' he said, before adding the fighting words: 'I'm bringing my mace!' "Maybe you're a Broadway star; maybe you're in voiceover, maybe you're gonna do jingles".

When "American Idol" first aired, the original trio included Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul. The 41-year old country singer has had a career since 2006. But by all indications, they're aware that the last few seasons of "American Idol" didn't exactly produce memorable names.