Elon Musk Releases New Video of "Starman" and Falcon Heavy Launch

Elon Musk Releases New Video of

At the event, Musk answered a range of questions from the audience, offering updates on his new rocket, insight on how to save humankind from World War III, and warnings about the dangers of artificial intelligence. "I can tell you what I know currently is the case is that we are building the first ship, the first Mars interplanetary ship right now", Musk told a crowd during a surprise appearance at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, on Sunday. The company is still way behind on its production targets. "Once we have it, we'll have a sort-of point of proof, something that other countries and companies will go and do", he said.

About an hour into the presentation, a third chair was brought on stage and Kimbal Musk, Elon's brother and an entrepreneur in the food-access space, joined in - wearing a cowboy hat and with a guitar in tow.

Dubbed as "Falcon Heavy and Starman", the videos show the preparation, success, and failures of the Falcon Heavy launch last month.

He commented that people would "vote directly on issues instead of going through representative government".

Musk predicted that, if SpaceX achieves its goal of laying the groundwork for a future human colony on Mars, it will prompt a wave of other private enterprises entering the space race.

"This has been our pattern in the past".

"What's wonderful about the ship, assuming we can make full and rapid reusability work is that we can reduce the cost, marginal cost per flight, dramatically, by orders of magnitude compared to where it is today", Musk said.

Mars will need pizza joints, and one day people will drink at a Mars Bar, he said - congratulating himself on the Dad joke.

And he feared a nuclear war would destroy human life on Earth, reports the BBC.

"This is a situation where you have a very serious danger to the public".

"AI is far more risky than nukes", he said, dismissing the pushback from AI experts who suggested Mr Musk was more interested in controversy than studying the work.

The short film may have been a different angle for the Westworld team, but they showcased their ability to create an eclectic film portraying the time, effort and process of the Falcon Heavy launch as if we were involved ourselves - and let's face it, we wish we were.

'It will be far more dangerous - difficult, dangerous, good chance you will die, ' he conceded. "It kind of reads like (Ernest) Shackleton's ad for Antarctic explorers: hard, dangerous, good chance you'll die". And if he doesn't try and get us to Mars, who will?