Theresa May pledges to tackle "burning injustice" of gender pay gap

Theresa May pledges to tackle

All Apple employees are eligible to receive bonuses, however because the gender pay gap reporting requirements only considers vested stock in the year to 5 April 2017, new employees hired in this period were not represented in the final data.

Theresa May address the gender pay gap figures ahead of Wednesday's deadline.

Thus far, around 8,870 companies have submitted their figures.

Many of the UK's largest print companies have revealed their gender pay cap data as the government's deadline looms.

Breheny Group, a civil engineering contractor founded by a woman, said its 47.3% median pay gap was "not significantly different" to the majority of its peers, but said the data "shows we need to do more to create opportunities for women to progress". "The representation of women in our workforce drives our gender pay gap".

Apple has three companies in the United Kingdom, and reported numbers for all of them.

"We are also doing a lot of work to improve our flexible working culture across the university for all staff, recognising the link between the gender pay gap and the imbalance in caring and parenting responsibilities. The former is rightly protected by law, the latter is a variety of calculations that are more or less meaningful depending on the extent to which they compare like-for-like circumstances".

At the start of the year, expectations of equality are high.

"While our gender pay gap is closing, having fewer women in the most senior roles has had an impact", stated Sony Music's submission.

The national median gender pay gap is 18.4%. Thirty percent of our employee population are women.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has published and consulted on its initial strategy for enforcement of gender pay gap reporting.

"The most important thing to come out of this is the conversation that this will provoke", Bazely said.

"We should... celebrate success and congratulate those firms and organisations which are taking action to make the world of work a more equal place". Arsenal said its mean pay gap drops from 80% to 17% when players were removed from the calculation.

Over the next 12 months the Council will be following an action plan to try and tackle the issue.

"We are calling on women everywhere today to take that first step and simply have the conversation about pay".

She points to deeper cultural issues, such as underrepresentation of women in industries that are better paid, and a higher valuation of full-time workers, as some of the factors that companies should look into. "The idea that women don't want high-paid roles is for the birds", she says.

The BBC said in January that it would be more transparent about what it pays its correspondents, and offer salaries in narrower bands. "We have programmes that we're continually working to further improve, to actively recruit and help advance more women into senior and technology-focused roles as we grow our business here in the United Kingdom".