Amazon Puts Alexa to Work as an Intercom

Amazon Puts Alexa to Work as an Intercom

A popular example of this feature would be letting the family know it's time for dinner. "Customers can simply say to their Echo device, "Alexa, announce that dinner is ready, ' and 'Dinner is ready" will then be announced in your voice to all other compatible Echo devices in your household", Amazon said. Starting today, Amazon is rolling out a new feature called Alexa Announcements which will let users broadcast messages on all the Alexa enabled Echo devices. Using this new Alexa Announcements feature, you can use those speakers together as a one-way Echo intercom using only your voice without any extra set up necessary.

Alexa Announcements rolls out in the USA and Canada today and although there's no word on when it will be introduced to other territories, it would be surprising if it didn't eventually.

If customers also have the Alexa app they can be sent a summary of the top fixed, variable and tracker mortgage results. Announcements allow you to easily make proclamations across almost any Echo device in your home. The new mode reportedly replaces few of Alexa's spoken responses with simple beeps.

You can also trigger this action by saying: "Alexa, tell everyone..." or "Alexa, broadcast..."

Which is the Alexa Skill you find most useful?

Basically, if you say, "Alexa, announce it's time to get up", this will be broadcast to all the Echo devices that are connected around your house.

Unfortunately, Brits won't be able to bark out those commands just yet.