Taliban attack Murdered 10 police in Herat

Taliban attack Murdered 10 police in Herat

Lawmaker Mohammad Arif Rahmani said the attack early Thursday morning in Khuja Omari district killed the district governor, intelligence service director and a deputy police official.

He said the Taliban forces set buildings on fire but left the area by daylight.

The violence comes a day after the United Nations said more than 700 civilians had been killed and almost 1,500 wounded in Afghanistan in the first three months of 2018.

The report comes as Afghans prepare to bury Ali Dost Shams, the district governor killed in an overnight attack by Taliban fighters in central Ghazni province.

A United Nations report showed on Thursday that ordinary Afghans are increasingly in the crosshairs of militants, with the number of civilians killed or wounded in attacks deliberately targeting them more than doubling in the first quarter. The Taleban planted mines to prevent government reinforcements from coming to help and quickly took responsibility for the attack. The Taliban also seized weapons and ammunition during the raid, he added.

Ghazni's Khawaja Omari district was considered one of the province's safest districts.

Also overnight, suspected Taliban militants attacked several police posts in eastern Paktia Province, leaving at least three police dead, according to Gul Agha Roohani, the province's police chief.

Taliban militants stormed security checkpoints with guns and rockets in Larzanak locality, Shindand district late Thursday, killing 10 policemen, the report quoted district Governor Shukrullah Shaker as saying.

"In the attack, three mujahideen were martyred and four others were wounded".

"After the attack the forces called for air support and 27 Taliban were killed during the airstrikes and clashes", it added.