Weekend storm could put mid-Michigan into deep freeze

Weekend storm could put mid-Michigan into deep freeze

In fact, at 3:29 p.m., the weather agency said "a potentially historic and ice storm expected this weekend" (which is something everyone has likely noticed and signed repeatedly over).

A slow-moving storm system, now in southeastern Nebraska, is expected to bring a variety of wintry weather to MI through Monday.

The rain and thunderstorms in Mid-Michigan this morning will transition to freezing rain and sleet this afternoon and evening as colder air pushes into the area on a strong Northeast wind.

On Sunday, precipitation is expected to change to freezing rain, particularly over eastern Ontario where several hours of freezing rain are possible. The "slow moving system" will reach much of southern Ontario, including Caledon, Mississauga, Brampton, Durham and York regions, Halton Hills and Milton.

"There remains considerable uncertainty with regards to how long the freezing rain will last before changing over to rain on Sunday", it reads.

The average high for this time of year is 10 C.

It's hard to know exactly which areas will be affected, but areas closer to Lake Ontario and near the Highway 401 corridor may remain just above the freezing mark (meaning less-if any-ice buildup). This entails holding planning meetings, readying crews and equipment, mobilizing employees for storm duty and preparing to make arrangements for additional resources if needed. By early Saturday afternoon, about 8,000 people were without power.

This story originally appeared on 680 News.