1-Inch LCD iPhone Will Have Stronger Glass, But No 3D Touch

1-Inch LCD iPhone Will Have Stronger Glass, But No 3D Touch

For an instance, clicking lightly on an app icon on the home screen of the iPhone would open the app, but firmly pressing the icon would show up a menu of widgets and shortcuts. For instance, a hard-press on the Photos app brings up a few options, including the Most Recent folder, Favorites, One Year Ago, and Search.

Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most prominent names in the world of iPhone leaks, suggests that Apple won't be considering the inclusion of 3D Touch for the more affordable mainstream iPhone model of 2018 - the rumoured 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD display.

According to analysts, the adoption of the CGS display panel will cause an increase of 15 percent in the production cost because of the sheer amount of effort required to manufacture a lighter and impact resistant display panel.

But there's a downside. Approximately, it will range in the $23-$26 price range, so as a result, this model could be sold for a higher price when it is getting announced during the month of September. To top it off, Apple could be developing a new gesture based set of controls following the iPhone X's suite as replacement to the 3D Touch. Although Apple's 3D Touch functionality seemed quite elegant, it also had some serious issues.

Apple recently filed to register 11 separate iPhone models and tech commentators suggest it's likely that several model numbers will be attached to each iPhone, rather than each being for an individual release. Nevertheless, a small number of 3D Touch users were found to yet swear by the feature, remarking as to how useful it is especially at the time of using the keyboard in iOS that could be pressed to call up a cursor for simpler text editing. However, so it the film could be some other new input method to replace 3D Touch.

Apple introduced 3D touch with iPhone 6s and while the company marketed it as an innovative product, it was nothing more than a gimmick.

Would you miss Apple's 3D Touch if your Phone come with the feature? "But the foundation for 3D Touch is solid and well-considered, and it's easy to see how the latent potential can turn into reality".

Analysts are of the opinion that removal of 3D Touch in favor of CGS display is not a good idea.