Childish Gambino's 'This Is America' Video Tackles Gun Violence and Black Life

Childish Gambino's 'This Is America' Video Tackles Gun Violence and Black Life

Donald Glover was the guest host, and in this skit called "Cleveland Cavs promo", he plays one of LeBron James' teammates. It's worth noting that when Glover performed "This Is America" on Saturday Night Live - pretty much around the same time as the video dropped - Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya introduced him.

This repeated exposure to acts of violence - even when that exposure comes vicariously through the media - has had a numbing effect on Americans. His gunning down of the gospel choir singing the lyric suggests that he's exhausted of the pressure to accumulate wealth, to be performatively black, and stay spiritually uplifted in an age of gun violence.

In just four minutes, and with help from frequent Atlanta director and longtime collaborator Hiro Murai, Gambino manages to highlight the 2015 Charleston mass shooting, the Black Lives Matter movement, and America's gun epidemic.

Calvin confirmed this when he posted a brief message accompanying a clip of the video on his socials.

Childish Gambino's forthcoming fourth (and potentially final) album is expected to release this year. His hosting gig on SNL was widely considered to be one of the best of the most recent season.

Glover, 34, said it himself during his opening monologue on "SNL". Glover also revealed that he auditioned for the show back in the day but hadn't made the cut, pointing out how things sometimes work out in the end.

Many fans are skeptical of the Solo movie, but several agree that Donald Glover's Lando Calrissian is already a standout.

Check out the full video for "This Is America" below.