May Day bank holiday weather breaks temperature record

May Day bank holiday weather breaks temperature record

The highest temperature of the day is likely to be in or just west of the London area where 29 °C is possible, smashing the previous record high for early May Bank Holiday Monday.

The Met Office May-July forecast said above-average temperatures are favoured over the next three months.

It's official - this scorcher of a day has made this early May bank holiday weekend the hottest ever recorded.

Charlie Powell from the Met Office told Metro: "We're looking at top temperatures of 27-28C, possibly 29C in and around London, but well above average for the time of the year".

By Friday some longer spells of rain may arrive into the west, while heavy showers may hit the South East.

If temperatures reach that level it will be the hottest in 40 years, according to Sky weather presenter Jo Edwards.

The warmest early May Bank Holiday weekend as a whole on record is 28.6 recorded on the 6 May 1995 at Cheltenham (Gloucestershire), 2 May 1981 in Grantown-on-Spey (Morayshire) and 30 April 1988 in Kinbrace (Sutherland).

Nearly all of the United Kingdom is basking in a heatwave that fell perfectly in line with the first May Bank Holiday, but temperatures in London and the south east are set to reach scorchio heights.

Record-breaking temperatures have been reported as people across the United Kingdom enjoy a sizzling bank holiday Monday.

It is important to remember that this Bank Holiday only came into being in 1978.

The weather is set to become mixed as the month progresses, and the May 19 wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle draws near.

"We're still going to see some dry days, but there's still going to be some wet days mixed in as well".

"But I think we can expect things to be not as warm as they are now".

He said temperatures will generally be above normal, but this will depend on whether it is a sunny day or a sunny wetter day.

This weekend's hot conditions have been created by a mix of low pressure, light winds and consistent sunshine.