Eleven new confirmed Ebola cases in Congo -one dead so far

Eleven new confirmed Ebola cases in Congo -one dead so far

WHO has provided technical and operations support to the Ministry of Health and Partners in the activation of multi-partner multi-agency Emergency Operations Centre to coordinate the response at all levels.

Nigerian health authorities have raised the alert level for Ebola after reported deaths in the Democratic Republic of Congo were linked to the Ebola viral hemorrhagic fever. The two cases that were confirmed by a laboratory to be Ebola, were shown to be the Zaire strain of the virus. The time between the exposure to the virus and the development of symptoms is between two and 21 days.

Currently, 32 people are suspected of being infected by the disease, including three health care workers. "As soon as we have the green light, we'll go for it", he said.

That would bring the total number of people reporting symptoms to 25, of whom at least 17 have so far died.

But despite the fact that during the 2014 outbreak he slammed President Barack Obama for what he called a "TOTAL incompetent" response to the possibility of Ebola cases reaching the United States, Donald Trump this week announced cuts of $252 million in funding for a USA response to a potential Ebola plague, calling the cut part of his move to stop "irresponsible Federal spending".

Further isolation site has been set up at the airport to deal with any case that may arise. All of those could be traced back to Ikoko Impenge, about 60km away from Bikoro, except for one from the next door hamlet of Pangi.

An Ebola outbreak has been declared in the north-west of the Democratic Republic Congo.

"To give you a sense, we are talking about an area that is 280 kilometers even from the provincial capital of Equateur", he said.

Health officials think the DRC Ebola outbreak may have begun sometime in April because of epidemiologic links with the most recently sick patients, but Salama downplayed suspicions that an illness cluster in January and February in an overlapping area near Bikoro might be related to the outbreak.

Nigeria's immigration service said on Thursday it had increased screening tests at airports and other entry points as a precautionary measure following the Ebola outbreak in Congo.

The illness brought Africa to its knees earlier this decade - with more than 11,000 people being killed in an outbreak.

This Ebola outbreak is the DRC's 9th known outbreak since 1976, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But the tree burned down and the bats were reduced to char, destroying the opportunity to search for much evidence-although researchers were able to use trace DNA fragments to pinpoint that they were Mops condylurus, an insect-eating species common across central and west Africa.