Microsoft's Surface Hub 2 Let's Your Tile a Wall With Screens

Microsoft's Surface Hub 2 Let's Your Tile a Wall With Screens

The company will start testing the Surface Hub 2 with some of its commercial customers this year, and it will be generally available next year.

But the interesting thing with the Surface Hub 2 is that multiple displays can be connected together to make a single wall of slick screens, thanks to a removable webcam. As you'd expect, it includes integrated speakers, and far-field voice microphones that will work for Cortana and Skype calls. Unlike its predecessor, this display can be rotated to suit the user's preference, and although it's no bigger than its predecessor (it's considerably smaller than the larger 84in Surface Hub), the Surface Hub 2's party trick is that up to four of the whiteboards can be tiled horizontally or vertically when more screen real estate is required. There have been rumors that the Surface Hub 2 will be one of the first Microsoft devices to have the Windows 10 Core OS at its center, along with a new type of composable shell, but Seiler wouldn't comment on that. That said, Microsoft appears to be shooting for the best of both worlds with a "sleeker, more agile, and more affordable" device for collaboration. Interested businesses and customers can find out more about the device here. "The gorgeous 4K+ 50.5" multi-touch display creates an inviting canvas to co-create, harnessing the power of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard, Office 365, Windows 10 and the intelligent cloud. Microsoft says that there are 5,000 companies using Surface Hubs, including half of Fortune 100 companies.

Seiler said Microsoft will be providing more details about Surface Hub 2 over the coming months.

'Tiling is one of my favorite features on Surface Hub 2. The original Surface Hub advanced this mission, making it possible to join a meeting or open a whiteboard with one touch.

Interestingly, the Surface Hub 2 has a hinge system which allows it to be rotated between landscape and portrait mode, and can be mounted on a wall or used with a rolling stand to make it more accessible. The whole idea of a Surface Hub was to make collaboration and videoconferencing much more efficient. "That's why Microsoft today is announcing Surface Hub 2, designed from the ground up to get people engaged - to get out of their seats, create and dynamically collaborate as a team, regardless of location".

Yet, if there's one thing that Google's Chromebooks demonstrated easily it's that the educational sector is ripe for targeting by tech companies if they keep prices in check.