Apple's autonomous fleet is now the second-largest in the USA

Apple's autonomous fleet is now the second-largest in the USA

It started out with just 3 registered cars in April previous year, and that number has now expanded to 55.

That makes it the second largest fleet in the state, behind only GM's Cruise. The number is up from 27 vehicles back in January this year. The DMV has now approved a resounding 53 companies for self-driving auto permits, resulting in 409 autonomous vehicles with 1,573 safety drivers.

Apple's fleet of self-driving testing vehicles continues to grow rapidly, with 55 self-driving cars registered with California as of May 9, according to DMV figures. 51 companies have registered 409 autonomous test vehicles in the state, according to the DMV.

Didi Senior Communications Director Liang Sun was quoted by The Wall Street Journal Monday as saying that the company had been testing autonomous vehicles in closed internal environment for a while and it is finalising its plans to begin U.S. road trials which will be made in a "prudent and safety-first" manner.

This indicates a margin of error that's worth considering before rushing into fully self-driving trials; before the public can accept autonomous cars as a reliable alternative, companies need to gain its trust. After starting with a secret operation to build a self-driving auto codenamed Project Titan in 2014, the project fell apart in two years. At this stage, Apple hasn't been authorized to test self-driving cars independent of human supervision; for that, the company will need to submit a separate permit to the DMV - something Waymo did last month.

In April 2017 NV reported that Apple received a license to test driverless cars on roads in California.

Chief Executive Officer at Apple, Tim Cook called self-driving a core technology that we view as very important. Then in the issued permits were given only three hybrid Lexus RX450h 2015 model year and six-serving test drivers.