Trump and Kim lookalikes hold ‘summit’ in Singapore

Trump and Kim lookalikes hold ‘summit’ in Singapore

So, the president, I can imagine him saying, 'We've agreed on this peace treaty, ' which is what we said in 2005.

Trump's comments, made shortly before his departure for Singapore, underline his recent efforts to curb expectations for the summit, the first between a sitting USA president and a North Korean leader. He said he believed Kim Jong-un was "nothing like his predecessors; he is open-minded and he's willing to talk". South Korean media reported that a Chinese plane went to Pyongyang on Sunday and then to Beijing before heading to Singapore, but a later report said Kim's private plane was on its way to Singapore.

"Everyone I know here is very excited".

Makes sense, as does every other part of 2018.

"I think within the first minute, I'll know", Trump said during a free-wheeling press conference before he departed the ongoing G-7 talks for the Singapore summit with Kim.

"I don't want to get too far into the details, but when you think about complete denuclearization, it would certainly be all of their sites, not just those that have been declared", Pompeo said in an interview Friday with YTN, a South Korean TV network.

"You know the way they say you know if you like somebody in the first five seconds?" he added. "I think that he's going to surprise on the upside, very much on the upside".

On the North Korea summit: "I'll be on a mission of peace, and we will carry in, really - in my heart, we're going to be carrying the hearts of millions of people, people from all over the world".

Servicepersons of the Ministry of People's Security met on August 10, 2017 to express full support for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) government statement. Entrepreneurs have been scrambling to cash in on the global media spectacle, hawking Trump-Kim fusion burgers and summit-themed cocktails.

Before former High Court Justice Michael Kirby began his investigation into human rights abuses in North Korea, he knew little more than the average educated Australian about the "closed and oppressive state". But it's unclear what the US will get out of it. President Trump has said his goal is to get North Korea to agree to a complete denuclearization, and if not, he's prepared to impose harsh sanctions.

"That's what you learn at the Wharton School of Finance", said President Trump.

The US president predicted that he will know "within the first minute" if the Singapore summit, which has been under threat of cancellation, is a success.

At worst, the summit will be merely a photo opportunity, exploited by North Korea to heighten the legitimacy of a nation state that is isolated, impoverished and shut out of all major global institutions. In short, we have been here before, and what has changed is not the long roots of North Korea's belligerence and lies, but an American president willing to set aside historic realities in the hope that granting an audience will result in a better outcome.

After cutting short his participation over the icy reception, Trump veered within hours from espousing a great relationship with the USA allies to tweeting that his host, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, had been "Very dishonest & weak" in post-summit remarks.