Domino's Pizza delivering pothole repairs to a town near you

Domino's Pizza delivering pothole repairs to a town near you

Domino's Pizza (now just Domino's) started here in MI in the 1960s, when the state was the center of the automotive universe. The restaurant chain says it's helping fund road repairs in four towns around the USA, and is asking for suggestions for other communities with crumbling roads in need of fix.

No, they are not building the pizza highway (yet) but they are going around filling in potholes that their customers nominate as especially obnoxious, according to Yahoo!

Domino's is letting it known they are fixing potholes but writing, "OH YES, WE DID", on the repaved area of the street.

Ann Arbor-based Domino's Pizza launched a rather freaky marketing campaign in which it's working with municipalities around the country to pave potholes.

Repairs made by the company feature Domino's Pizza logo and a "OH YES WE DID" marking. A spokesperson called it "an extremely isolated incident, confined to a single store". Domino's is here to lend a hand, the company has announced, with its new "Paving for Pizza" initiative.

The more likely reason for the sudden move into road fix is good publicity.

The company says it's already repaired roads in Bartonville, Texas; Milford, Delaware; Athens, Georgia; and Burbank, California, and the campaign will continue for three months throughout the summer.

Of course, Domino's does paint its logo on every fix after it is completed.

If you want to get your local roads fixed by Domino's, visit their Nominate Your Town page to enter your zip code. Actually, that last part would be rather cool. "It's wheely important to us!"