Apple Is Reportedly Working on High-End Airpods & Over-Ear Headphones

Apple Is Reportedly Working on High-End Airpods & Over-Ear Headphones

There are over-ear headphones coming from Apple, too.

From iTunes to AirPods, Apple has had an incredible history with audio and music. Production hasn't started, and the deal isn't finalized. It will revolutionize the industry again with three gadgets set to be released in 2019. It's possible that Apple could switch away from Inventec for the new model.

Meanwhile, the report also suggests that there could be a new HomePod, though it doesn't outline what new features may come with the newer version. Not much is known about these, but noise cancellation seems likely. These are two of the most requested features that users have begged Apple to incorporate into the AirPods. Bloomberg reports that the water-resistance levels won't be high enough to allow you to go swimming with them, but will offer adequate protection against rain or sweat.

So if Apple could combine the HomePod's sound quality with a pair of headphones with the W1 chip built in, we'll be very excited to hear the results. Apple has considered adding additional health features, as well. That means that the next AirPods could have a heart-rate monitor. The report says the upgraded AirPods won't be totally swim-proof and that Apple is working to improve their wireless range. A wireless charging case for Apple's in-ear audio solution is also in the pipeline and will be compatible with the upcoming AirPower wireless charging mat. Those added features, however, will push the price well beyond the $159 price tag of the current AirPods.

The device would be priced at a significant discount of up to $200, and would be available through Apple's Beats audio brand, according to Chinese site Sina. It will likely be a high-end, expensive gadget to compete with other expensive brands instead of the Beats headphones.

Apple is shaking up its supply chain in preparation for the latest audio products, expanding a partnership with iPhone manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group and decreasing its reliance on smaller hardware maker Inventec Corp., the people said.