Amazon Prime Day sale: Best offers and how to get them

Amazon Prime Day sale: Best offers and how to get them

If you want to just buy a few books, you can get $10 towards any Kindle, print, or Audible book purchase when you buy any Kindle book for $5 or more before July 15.

The much-awaited Amazon Prime Day sale is here, and the company is all set to host its 2nd Amazon Prime Day Sale in India. This can be turned off or cancelled entirely by visiting the Manage Prime Membership page.

Amazon Prime Day 2018 starts on Monday, July 16 at 3pm EST.

Amazon Prime Day is expected to provide up to 40 per cent discounts on mobiles and accessories with to 50 per cent off on electronic goods and up to 70 per cent discount for home and outdoor items. Even though the URL for the deal has "PrimeDay" included, you don't actually need Amazon Prime to be eligible for it, simply tick the box below the "Add to Cart" option for it to be added. If you will shop from you rdektop, we will advise you to download Amazon assistant, hat will help you in getting the best of everything in Prime Day sale.

You will be automatically charged for Prime membership once the 30-day period has elapsed. Amazon Echo Dot will also be available at a special price of Rs 3,699, down from the original price of Rs 4,499 during the Amazon Prime Day sale. This offer is in addition to the recently launched Amazon devices selection of Fire TV sticks, Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite (WiFI), Echo Dot and Echo on Prime Now.

Students can also get six months free when they sign up and pay just £3.99 per month once that trial ends. The service works on Android and iOS platforms, but it can also be used with Amazon Echo and other similar products.