Reddit is About to See its Biggest Ban Ever Thanks to Thanos

Reddit is About to See its Biggest Ban Ever Thanks to Thanos

Today, the subreddit moderators are kicking things up a notch by banning half of their over 630,000 subscribers-making the universe once again "perfectly balanced". And now that the Russo Brothers have officially subscribed, members are asking that only one director survive the purge - you know, in the name of flawless balance.

The Thanos Did Nothing Wrong subreddit, a collection of redditors who post memes devoted to the Infinity War villain, grew so quickly that the moderators and members felt it was time to balance out the universe by banning half of its subscribers.

Join host and queen of the Unsnapped Jessica Chobot, as she explains the origin of the upcoming Thanos-inspired purge and how it overcame objections from reddit itself. Reddit engineers even came up with a special "ban enabled bot" that will pick the victims, while users prepare their "In the Soul Stone" subreddit for those who will randomly fall to the Snapture. That already had over 29,000 subscribers Monday afternoon prior to the "Thanos snap".

This isn't the first Thanos-related internet concoction to make its way online after the release of "Infinity War", however. The Joe Russo Reddit account added a selfie-video from Thanos actor Josh Brolin's Instagram to the thread making the upcoming cull official.

While the July 9th date for the "Snappening" was set two weeks ago, users didn't know exactly when it would occur.

So, what are people posting, you might ask?

Members of the group were very excited, but also very impatient - especially as the day went on without even a tiny snap.

The gesture echoes Brolin's fateful finger snap in the well-received blockbuster, where he played archvillain Thanos, a being of great power determined to wipe out half of existence.

"Let's manually balance this sh- by unsubscribing ourselves!" The fate of these banned members is unknown. Where Thanos sacrificed Gamora, his favorite daughter, The-Jedi-Apprentice will themselves be banned. But what did it cost?