Giuliani Says Michael Cohen 'Should Cooperate' With Prosecutors

Giuliani Says Michael Cohen 'Should Cooperate' With Prosecutors

"I mean, Michael Cohen should - should cooperate with the government". And every indication we have is the president is not involved in that.

In recent weeks, Cohen has made a number of moves indicating that he's willing to turn against the president if federal investigators from the Southern District of NY or the FBI want him to.

Rudy Giuliani told ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on "This Week" Sunday that he has "zero" concerns about Cohen, who once described himself as "the guy who would take a bullet" for Trump.

Davis did not get into the specifics of what Giuliani said, but he appears to contradict the former New York City mayor's claim that Cohen telling the truth would not have any negative impact on President Trump.

Scarborough offered no counterpoint to respond to his anti-Trump monologue and no acknowledgment Giuliani has the right to question the investigation.

Did @rudygiuliani really say on Sunday shows that @michaelcohen212 should cooperate with prosecutors and tell the truth?

US President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani supports Trumps' upcoming face-to-face summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"My wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always will", Cohen said.

Instead, it casts in a negative light actions that Comey has said he carefully reasoned and that he has vigorously defended in his book and interviews. "Long as he does that, we have nothing to fear", Giuliani said. The president did nothing wrong with him, so we've gone through every document we can.

Scarborough makes no mention of the strong evidence showing that the FBI spied for Lyndon Baines Johnson's presidential campaign, as the Wall Street Journal reported, "On the president's orders, the bureau wiretapped Barry Goldwater's plane and headquarters."

Davis, who worked as President Clinton's special counsel in the late 1990s, was hired by Cohen last week.

Prosecutors also want to bar Manafort from introducing evidence that he was previously investigated but not charged before Mueller was appointed in May 2017. What we're asking them for is: Is this the witch hunt that a lot of people think it is?

Bolduan asked if there's any signal that Cohen is now cooperating with prosecutors. He said an interview with Mueller could be an "attempt to trap him in perjury".

"I was probably there that day", he said a bit cryptically, adding, "I don't remember it".