Andrew Lincoln confirms 'Walking Dead' exit

Andrew Lincoln confirms 'Walking Dead' exit

Welcome to a new chapter of The Walking Dead.

It might look like a great pep talk, until you see he's chatting with the very unsafe murderer Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who is now locked in a jail cell and will most likely try to kill Rick as soon as he escapes.

I gave up on The Walking Dead after the first season because I hated all the characters and the show moved at a far too sluggish pace to keep me interested otherwise. Maggie is frustrated with Rick, Carol is frustrated with the new members, and Daryl is frustrated with the whole situation.

Almost two months after reports that "The Walking Dead" star, Andrew Lincoln, is leaving the show after its ninth season, the actor has broken his silence.

"I love this show, it means everything to me". This is someone I have known for nearly a decade, somebody that I love.

There are certainly some gnarly new walkers in the trailer, reminiscent of the early seasons of The Walking Dead. "I promise not to cry - I've done enough crying on screen".

There's no specific information yet on how Lincoln's character will be written off the series.

"There are a couple of things I am thinking about doing but I am so in love with Rick Grimes I can not put him down".

"I'm particularly fond of the people who watch the show - you people", he told the crowd. Morton's casting confirms the Whisperers' arrival in Season 9 and also puts to rest the much-speculated question of who would play Alpha in the series.

Also representing at the Con? The hit series will return to AMC on October 7. More potential links between the two shows were touted by the panel, and the team brought a trailer for the next chunk of Season 4, which will kick off on 12 August and follow the fallout of the death of Kim Dickens' Madison.