Putin Soccer Ball Gift To Trump May Have Had Microchip

Putin Soccer Ball Gift To Trump May Have Had Microchip

Congress has been rattled by Trump's Helsinki performance, particularly when he appeared to accept Putin's denials rather than U.S. intelligence conclusions that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

Democrats have demanded access to Mr. Trump's translator from the Helsinki summit, hoping to glean details about what was discussed in two hours of one-on-one talk between the USA and Russian leaders, repeatedly pressing Mr. Pompeo for details on possible secret deals or agreements.

Many members of Congress had objected to the two leaders meeting again later this year, saying Mr Putin would not be welcome on Capitol Hill.

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"President Putin, he just said it's not Russian Federation".

He blasted a lack of information from the Trump administration and said many lawmakers have left their meetings at the White House without a clear sense that there is a coherent strategy in place.

On Tuesday, Mr Putin's foreign affairs adviser Yuri Ushakov said in Moscow that no preparations were underway for a meeting in Washington and there were "other options that our leaders could consider", such as the late November meeting of the G20 in Argentina or another global event that both would attend.

Ushakov there were "other options that our leaders could consider", such as the late November meeting of the Group of 20 in Argentina or another global event that both leaders would attend. He cited the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller as the reason. The appointment followed Trump's dismissal of FBI Director Jim Comey, on advice from Rosenstein himself.

President Trump and President Putin denied collusion
Image The two leaders met earlier this month

"We know the value of these 'fateful declarations, '" she said.

"In my view, Trump, for the world to see, stood in front of the world and betrayed his country", Walsh said of Trump's controversial performance at the Helsinki conference when the president appeared to side with Putin over his own intelligence community on Russian election interference. White House national security adviser John Bolton then issued a statement postponing the follow-up Putin summit until next year. "I don't want to insult President Trump when I say this, and this may come off as rude, but before he announced that he would run for the presidency, he was of no interest for us". In response, Pompeo said "there's been no change to USA policy".

"The American people deserve answers about what they agreed to in private", said Senator Robert Menendez, top Democrat on the committee, who is working on a bipartisan bill to strengthen sanctions on Russian Federation.

Trump rejected the criticism sparked by his Helsinki news conference with Putin and said that he misspoke in a series of flip-flops over the summit.

"It's not for me to disclose the content of those conversations", Pompeo said in response to one such barrage of questions.

"That's not exactly the question", Shaheen said. Heated questions were also posed about North Korea, NATO and Iran.

"There is an very bad long way to go", Pompeo told lawmakers.

Lawmakers pressed the top USA diplomat on whether the US and North Korea reached a denuclearization agreement. Because just like in 2016, he is attempting to convince his base that if Republicans lose, that means the election was a fraud.